Read Issue #4 of The White Frame

I posted the newest issue of my webcomic The White Frame to Tumblr today. You can read, “You Understand!” by clicking here, which explores mixed race, the TV show Scandal and blatant racial insensitivity.


Issue 3 of “The White Frame”

Today, I released the newest issue of my webcomic The White Frame.  I created the first two issues as a final project for a college course. I recently decided to continue the project as a weekly webcomic, which explores racially charged discourse in America by contrasting light-hearted visuals with real conversations. You can view issue #3, “It Was So Weird!!” along with the first two issues, on The White Frame Tumblr.

the white frame

Monday, July 14th


Orange illuminates the cracks & scratches. 2 long lines against the grain. Above the asymmetrical are green and red. A man and some hastily hung pictures & plaques. Community Nepal Travels & Tours Ltd. reads the sign outside the wall ornaments. Above is the aptly named  “7 Eleven Restaurant & Bar.” Red, blue & green lights leak out from behind its red window curtains as they flash interchangeably to the beat. The word DANCE is painted above the corner window. Inside, 20-30 somethings are gyrating to electronic top 40 hits, getting drinks, and smiling.

Am I missing out on something? I’m only young once, right? What is someone my age supposed to do at night, in a foreign country no less? What else is “fun”? Even now, as I look at this ironically named club, I sit in a reggae restaurant/hookah bar (granted, hookahs are brought out upon request) named “Buzz.” Great food, chill vibe, but not forcing its namesake on me. Framed pictures of Mr. Marley tastefully dot the earth-tone walls .

As I again stare out at DANCE, my gaze focuses on the multitude of wires running across the telephone pole. All the wires have the potential to transmit electricity from end to another. Everyone of those wires has a purpose. But some are better at transmitting that information of electricity because the are bigger or newer. Some are broken and others have been cut.

Of course I have a God moment when I started when I started writing due to sadness/lonliness/emptiness that crept up inside me. But the question still lingers: am I happy? Is this what I should be doing? More equally redundant questions crossed my mind. And I know the answer to them. Live in the present. One day at a time.


One Down, One to Go

The first leg of my trip is over. I am now leaving Europe and heading to South East Asia. When I have a better internet connection, I’ll post some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

Internet connection has been a real problem here, so unless I find some really reliable internet, I won’t be able to upload pictures. I’ll try and write some stuff about Cinque Terre, Bangkok, Ko Phangan, and Nepal soon. Hopefully. 

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